Updated 2023 - BSc Nursing, BNS & BNS (MID) Total Seats, Scholarship Seats, Quota & Paying Seats in Various Colleges of Nepal

List 1: Total Seats, Total Scholarship Seats, General Scholarship Seats, Quota Reservation Seats, Paying Seats, and Foreign Seats for BSc Nursing, BNS and BNS (MID) Study in Nepal.

Programme Total Seats Total Scholarship Seats General Scholarship Seats Quota Scholarship Seats Paying Seats Foreign Seats
BSc Nursing 1350 439 241 198 542 359
BNS 1310 492 270 222 506 292
BNS (MID) 130 84 46 38 29 17

Among the Total Scholarship Seats, 55% of them are for General Category, and the remaining 45% are for Quota Reservation Scholarship Seats. 

Among the Quota Reservation Scholarship Seats, it is again divided into various groups.

NOTE: You must have studied in Government School from 6 to 10 classes and have that verifying document to apply for these Quota Reservation Seats.

The various Sub-groups under Quota Reservation Scholarship Seats are:
1. Women= 33% including 3% for Dalit Women and 2% for Muslim Women.
(Note: This 33% is of Total Quota reservation Seats.)
2. Dalit= 9%
3. Aadibasi Janajati= 15%
4. Khas Arya= 17%
5. Madhesi= 12% including 3% for Madhesi Dalit.
6. Tharu= 4%
7. Muslim= 2%
8. Backward Areas Students (पिछाडिएको छेत्र)= 4%
9. Differently Abled Students (Disabled or अपाङ्ग)= 2%
10. Families of martyrs, families of disappeared persons, families of wounded warriors, and conflict victims (शहीद, द्वन्द पिडित)= 2%

List 2: College List offering BSc Nursing Course in Nepal with their Total Seats Information. 

CLICK HERE to Download the PDF File of the above Seat Distribution List.

List 3: College List offering BNS Course in Nepal with their Total Seats Information.

CLICK HERE to Download the PDF File of the above Seat Distribution List.

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