Entrance Exam Pattern and Entrance Syllabus of BALLB in Various Colleges of Nepal

There are in total 6 Universities, and 12 Colleges affiliated with those 6 Universities offering BALLB Program study in Nepal. Around 1046 students are enrolled every year on the BALLB program every year in Nepal in those 12 colleges.

Though the entrance exam is taken by each university for their colleges, the Question pattern of Entrance exams is almost similar. The entrance exam of BALLB is of 100 marks and the time duration for entrance exams is 3 hours. It includes Objective Questions, Subjective Questions and Creative Essay Writing. The total time of 3 hours is divided into 3o minutes for Objective Questions and 2.5 hours for Subjective Questions and Creative writing.

Question Pattern of BALLB Entrance Exams: 
S.N. Nature of Questions Marks Allocated Remarks
1 Objective Questions 30X1=30 MCQs
2 Subjective Questions: Short Type 3X10=30 Knowledge of Law
3 Subjective Questions: Long Type 1X20=20 Knowledge of Law
4 Creative Essay Writing 20 English Language Test

Questions in the Entrance Exams are included from these contents:
1. Introduction to Law and Kinds of Law
2. Importance and Role of law in the Society
3. Sources of Law
4. General Introduction to Rights and Duties
5. Person: Kinds of Person (Legal and Nature Person)
6. General Introduction to Constitution
7. Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of Nepal

Eligibility required to Study BALLB in Nepal:
+२ वा सो सरहको परीक्षामा उतीर्ण भएका विद्यार्थीहरुले आवेदन फर्म भर्न सक्नेछन् । राष्ट्रिय परीक्षा बोर्ड नेपालबाट उतिर्ण भएका आवेदकहरुको हकमा ग्रेड डी+ (D+) सम्म ल्याएका आवेदकहरुले फर्म भर्न पाउने छन् ।
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