How to Attend Free Online Model Exams in Help For Entrance App? Explanation!

You can attend ME-CEE Medical, Paramedical, Applied Science Based Free Online Model Exams in the Help For Entrance App.

A. How to attend this Free Medical Online Exam?
1. You Need to Install the Help For Entrance App on your mobile from Playstore. Exams and App are completely free of cost.
2. If the App is already installed on your device, then you need to update the App to Latest Version. Free Online Model Exams are available in Latest Version only.
3. After Installing the App, Go to the Register option in the App. Register and Use the Same Email ID and password to log in. You need to register for One time only. If already registered, then Just Login.
4. After that, Go to Medical Preparation on the Homepage of the App.
5. Then go to the Online Model Exams section.
6. You will see their Free ME-CEE Online Medical Exam Link.

B. Does it include Negative Markings too?

Yes, Negative Marking is included, and You can see your Score with Negative Marking in the App after exam completion.

C. Is it free of Cost?
Yes, it's completely free of cost.

D. Can we attend this Exam on PC or Laptop?

Yes, you can attend the exam on your PC or Laptop too. Just Open our website and follow the same steps mentioned above from 1 to 6.

E. If we miss the exam time, can we attend the exam later on?

Yes, you can attend the online exam later on too.

Note: As there will be thousands of students attending this exam, the app may be slow initially at the beginning of the exam. So keep patience for the exam link to open and start.

App Playstore Link to Install or Update:

If you have any other Query, please comment or inbox us. Thank you!

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