UPDATED Entrance Exam Question Pattern of BSc Agriculture in Far-Western University, FWU

Currently, there are various 7 Universities offering BSc Agriculture courses in Nepal among which 3 of them also offer BVSc & AH (Veterinary Science) and BSc Forestry Program and 1 of them offers a BSc Fisheries Program too.

In these 7 Universities, there are in total of 32 Colleges for the BSc Ag program, 4 Colleges for BVSc & AH (Veterinary Science) program, 7 Colleges for the BSc Forestry program and 1 College for the BSc fisheries program.

Among the 32 Colleges of the BSc Ag Program16 are government colleges whereas 16 colleges are private.

The Universities offering these Programs in Nepal are:
  • Agriculture & Forestry University, AFU (BSc Ag, Vet, Forestry & BSc Fisheries)
  • IAAS, TU (BSc Ag, Vet & Forestry)
  • Purbanchal University (BSc Ag, Vet & Forestry)
  • Far-Western University (BSc Ag)
  • Mid-Western University (BSc Ag)
  • Kathmandu University (BSc Ag)
  • Madhesh Agriculture University, MAU (BSc Ag)

Entrance Exam Question Pattern of BSc Ag in Far-Western University, FWU

Physics - 14
Chemistry - 14
English - 14
Math - 14
Botany - 15
Zoology - 15
Ag - 10
GK - 4
Total - 100 Marks
Pass Marks - 50 
Time: 2 hour

There is no fixed syllabus for FWU BSc Ag Entrance Exams, so refer to the Syllabus of other Universities.

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