CUT-OFF Marks in Details for Scholarship and Paying Seats in Various Colleges, Various Programs of ME-CEE Medical Entrance Exams

What is the meaning of CUT-OFF Marks ?
Cut-off marks are the minimum marks that candidates must obtain in order to be admitted to their preferred college or university. If a student wants to pursue their selected course, they must obtain high grades. The cut-off or the range of this cut-off varies between colleges and types of Quota or Seats. In Simple, Cut-off means the least marks required for that college, that type of seat to get admission.

Cut-off marks are different for different type of seats (Scholarship and Paying), Colleges and Quotas. For Example, Cut Off marks for MBBS Program in IOM, TU is greater than BPKIHS, Dharan. So the cut-off marks is never same in two colleges, its greater for those colleges mostly preferred. Also, Cut-off marks is definitely greater for Scholarship seats than paying seats. Also, Cut-Off marks is greater for Open Seats as compared to other reserved seats as Female, Dalit, Janajati, Madhesi, Muslim, Apanga, etc.

The various Sub-groups under Quota Reservation Scholarship Seats are:
1. Women= 33% including 3% for Dalit Women and 2% for Muslim Women.
(Note: This 33% is of Total Quota reservation Seats.)
2. Dalit= 9%
3. Aadibasi Janajati= 15%
4. Khas Arya= 17%
5. Madhesi= 12% including 3% for Madhesi Dalit.
6. Tharu= 4%
7. Muslim= 2%
8. Backward Areas Students (पिछाडिएको छेत्र)= 4%
9. Differently Abled Students (Disabled or अपाङ्ग)= 2%
10. Families of martyrs, families of disappeared persons, families of wounded warriors, and conflict victims (शहीद, द्वन्द पिडित)= 2%

Note: Backward Areas Students, पिछाडिएको क्षेत्र (दुर्गम) मा पर्ने जिल्लाहरु, must be from the districts mentioned below. 
Only these districts are considered as Pichadiyeako Chhetra for Durgam Scholarship Seats in Nepal.

पिछाडिएको क्षेत्र (दुर्गम) Pichadieako Chhetra Districts List:
  1. Achham
  2. Bajura
  3. Bajhang
  4. Jumla
  5. Humla
  6. Mugu
  7. Dolpa
  8. Kalikot
  9. Jajarkot

NOTE: You must have the verifying document to apply for these Quota Reservation Seats. Any students, either from Government Schools or Private schools can apply for Quota Reservation Scholarship Seats. But the priority is given to students from Government schools in these Quota Seats. 

Also, You can Watch our Video for Details about CUT-OFF Marks Meaning in Details, available below.

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