B. Tech. Food Technology, TU Past Entrance Exam REAL Question Paper

B. Tech. Food Technology is a Popular Program and students need to appear in Entrance Exams to study this program at TU and PU.

Entrance Exam Question Pattern of B. Tech. Food Technology, TU is as follows:
a) Mathematics-20 Marks
b) Chemistry – 20 Marks
c) Physics – 20 Marks
d) Language Aptitude- 20 marks
e) Logical Reasoning- 5 Marks
f) Food Tech related- 10 Marks
g) General Knowledge- 5 Marks
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 35
Time: 2 Hours

In this post, we have provided you with the TU Entrance Exam Question Paper of B. Tech. Food Technology.

To DOWNLOAD PDF File of this Question Paper, CLICK HERE.

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