Government School Document Format Required for ME-CEE Common Medical & Paramedical Entrance Exams

If you passed your School Level of Education from a Government School, then congratulations, you are one step ahead of other entrance candidates for Quota or Reservation Scholarship Seats.

ME-CEE provide Various types of Quota or Reservation Scholarship Seats. These Quota Seats are for students from Both Private and Government Schools. But the student from Government Schools gets more priority in these Quota Seats.

Students from Private schools can also fill in these Quota Scholarship Seats so that in case if there are no students from Government schools then you are given the opportunity. However, in the Quota or Reservation category, the priority is always for Government School Students.

NOTE: You must need to study from Class 6 to 10 in a government school to be eligible for Government School. If you studied in a Government school from 8 or 9 or/and 10 then you are not eligible. If studied in a Government school from 6 or other smaller classes, then you are eligible.

Details about Documents Required if you are from GOVERNMENT SCHOOL

You need to submit One Additional Document while filling out the Online Form for ME-CEE Medical & Paramedical Entrance Exams if you are from Government School (Class 6 to 10 minimum.)

So, DOWNLOAD the SAMPLE Format of the Document for Government Schools. 


After Downloading the Sample Format, Print it and you need to fill it out now.

The sample format to download and print is available too in the photo below.

Now, after Printing it, you should fill in the Printed Paper as shown in the Photo Below. After filling, the document is ready and you should submit it now while filling ME-CEE Medical & Paramedical Entrance Exams.

If you don't know how to fill the Printed Document, Watch Our Video available below. We have explained everything you need to fill in that Printed Sample Format.

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