Army Welfare Fund Seats for Son/Daughter of Nepali Army in ME-CEE Medical & Paramedical Programs at NAIHS in Details

There are 49% of the total seats reserved for Sons/daughters of the Nepali Army in Nepal Army Institute of Health Sciences, NAIHS, TU based on ME-CEE Medical and Paramedical Entrance Exams of Nepal. This 49% of seats in NAIHS are available for various Programs like MBBS, BPH, BMLT, BSc Nursing and BNS.

Only the Son or daughter of the Nepali Army will qualify for these seats and it's a golden opportunity for you if you are the son or daughter of the Nepali Army. Even though you have fewer marks than others, you can study these programs in NAIHS in Army Welfare Fund Seats at a minimum fee. You can check the CUT-OFF Marks for these types of seats in the CUT-OFF Marks section of the Help For Entrance App or Website.

NOTE: These seats are not for sons or daughters of Indian Amry or for the Army of Other Nations. Only for Sons or Daughters of the Nepali Army.

You need to prepare the special document to apply for this Army Welfare Fund Seats of NAIHS while filling out the form for ME-CEE Entrance Exams.

The photo available below explains the detailed process of How to Apply for these Army Welfare fund Seats if you are either son or daughter of the Nepali Army.

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