Total Number of Students Appeared in ME-CEE Medical & Paramedical Entrance Exams 2022/2078 with 50th Percentile Information

Each year Huge Number of Students appear for Entrance Exams of Medical and Paramedical Programs in Nepal.

Entrance Exams for all the Medical and Paramedical Programs like MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing, BASLP, B. Perfusion Technology, BAMS, B. Pharmacy, B. Optometry, BMLT, BMIT, BPT, BNS and BPH are conducted in 3 days.

In this post, we have provided you with the TOTAL NUMBER of STUDENTS that appeared in Various Medical & Paramedical Entrance Exams of Nepal in the ME-CEE 2022/2078 Entrance Exams and the 50th Percentile.

1. For MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing, BASLP and B. Perfusion Technology
A. Total Students Appeared: 17467
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 51.75

2. For BAMS
A. Total Students Appeared: 503
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 71.5

3. For BNS
A. Total Students Appeared: 3651
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 83.25

4. For BMLT
A. Total Students Appeared: 991
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 51.5

5. For BMIT
A. Total Students Appeared: 270
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 48.75

6. For B. Pharmacy
A. Total Students Appeared: 3928
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 57.75

7. For B. Optometry
A. Total Students Appeared: 1036
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 60.75

8. For BPT
A. Total Students Appeared: 577
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 61.5

9. For BPH
A. Total Students Appeared: 2623
B. 50th Percentile (Cut-off) Score: 46.5

Also, Watch our Video for Details about the Total Students Appeared in ME-CEE Entrance Exams 2078 Nepal
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