1. Adhatoda vasica (Asuro)
1. Family: Acanthaceae.
2. Parts used: Leaves and roots.
3. Therapeutic use: Cough, Chronic bronchitis and Asthma.
Note: Root is used as an expectorant (remove cough), anti-spasmodic and anti-septic.

2. Aloe vera (Gheukumari)
1. Family: Liliaceae
2. Parts used: Fleshy leaves.
3. Therapeutic use: Used in liver spleen defects, amenorrhoea, skin disease and toxaemia.

3. Atropa belladonna (Deadly nightshade):
1. Family: Solanaceae.
2. Parts used: Roots and leaves.
3. Therapeutic use: used as sedative, stimulant, tonic and antispasmodic. Used externally to relieve the pain and internally to check excessive sweat.
- Atropine obtained from leaves is used in eye examination and treatment.

4. Azadirachta indica (Neem):
1. Family: Meliaceae
2. Parts used: All
3. Therapeutic use: used in malaria fever, blood circulatory defects. Externally used in itching, leprosy and allergies, boils and wound healing.

5. Cannabis sativa (Hemp/Bhang):
1. Family:
2. Therapeutic use: used as a pain killer, narcotic, aphrodisiac (arouse sexual Excitement) and antispasmodic.

6. Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon/Dalchini):
1. Family: Lauraceae
2. Parts used: Bark
3. Therapeutic use: Dried inner bark is used for its delicate fragrance and sweet taste. Used in cough, heart disease and sinusitis.

7. Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor or Kapur):
1. Family: 
2. Parts used: leaves and bark
3. Therapeutic use: Crystalized extract from leaves used in mouth and throat disease.

8. Colchicum luteum (Meadow saffron):
1. Family: Liliaceae
2. Parts used: root and seed.
3. Therapeutic use: used in gout and joint pain, it is used as an antiseptic.

9. Digitalis purpurea (Fox glove):
1. Family: Scrophulariaceae
2. Parts used: Leaves
3. Therapeutic use: Digitoxin is a heart stimulant for regulating the tone, and rhythm of the heart.

10. Ephedra gerardiana (Somlata):
1. Family:
2. Parts used: stem and branches
3. Therapeutic use: used in asthma, cold, hypertension, cardiac and circulatory stimulant.

11. Elettaria cardamomum
1. Family:
2. Parts used
: Seed
3. Therapeutic use: seed pungent in taste, aromatic, carminative and anti-poison. It is also used in body aches, coughs and vomiting.

12. Mentha arvensis (Mint):
1. Family: Labiatae
2. Parts used: leaves and seeds
3. Therapeutic use: Leaves are the chief source of menthol. Essential oil is obtained from mints used as ingredients of toothpaste, dental creams, mouthwashes, cough drops, chewing gum and perfumes.

13. Ocimum sanctum (Holy basil):
1. Family: Labiatae
2. Parts used: all
3. Therapeutic use: Leaf infusion given in cold, bronchitis and indigestion, Oil from leaf destroys bacteria and insects. Used in malaria, worm, circulatory and nerve defects.

14. Papaver somniferum (opium):
1. Family: 
2. Parts used: Latex from immature fruit, seed and capsule.
3. Therapeutic use: It acts as a stimulant, narcotic and analgesic. Milky latex from unripe capsules yields alkaloids, especially morphine used to reduce blood pressure.

15. Rawolfia serpentine (Sarpagandha):
1. Family: Apocynaceae
2. Parts used: Root
3. Therapeutic use: for Hypertension.

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