An adjective is a word used to qualify a noun or pronoun.

Order of adjectives
Adjectives can be arranged in the following order:
(a/ an) + opinion → size 
 shape  age  colour  country  substance + NOUN
a. a large, round table.
b. an old, white, cotton shirt.

Uses of some confusing indefinite adjectives:
⮚ Another
a. another + singular noun (one more, an additional one)
I want to buy another flat. [I = one more flat]

b. another + numeral adjective + plural noun
Where shall we be in another ten years? [= ten years from now]
Note: Another is used in affirmative. But any other is used in Negative instead of another.

a. Other+plural nouns and non-count nouns (more of)
I need other pencils. [= some more pencils]
I want other water. [= some more water]

 The other
the other + singular noun (last of the set)
He bought the other pencil. [= the last pencil present]
the other + non-count noun (all the rest)
He showered the other water. [= the remaining water]
the other + plural noun (the rest of the set)
She sold the other books. [= all remaining books]

Numerical Adjective
(a/ an) + number + (–) + singular noun + noun adjective
We took a five- week tour.

The two qualities of the same person/ thing can be compared as:
 Subj + Verb + More/ less + adj1 + than + adj2 + …….
He is more good than bad.
He is less bad than good.

Equal Comparisons
Here two entities are exactly the same.
He is as tall as his father.
Note: Subject form of a pronoun will always be used after as in correct English
⮚ Subj + verb(have) + the same + noun + as + noun/pronoun
My house has the same height as his.

Unequal Comparisons
Here entities are comparable in greater or lesser degrees.
⮚ Subj + Verb + + than + noun/pronoun
a. Add '- er' to the adjective base of one-syllable adjectives.
b. Use the form more + adjective for more than two-syllable adjectives.
c. Some Latin adjectives ending in '- or' follow 'to' instead of 'than' in comparative.
senior, junior, superior, Inferior, prior, anterior, posterior, but not with a minor, major, exterior, interior, ulterior, etc.
This chair is more comfortable than the other.
He is a senior to me.

 Unequal comparisons can be further intensified by adding much, far, slightly, a bit, little, far etc
Watermelon is much sweeter than a lemon.
She dances much more artistically than her predecessor.

 Subj. + Verb + number multiple + as + + noun + as +
This encyclopedia costs twice as much as the other one.
She has half as much money now as I had last year.
Double comparative (Parallel increase or decrease)

 The + comparative + Subj + Verb + (,)+ The + comparative +...
The older I get, the happier I am.
The more you study, the more marks you will obtain.
Gradual Development or decline

 Subj + Verb+ er and -er/ more and more + ……
I am getting fatter and fatter.
She was becoming more and more ambitious.
Some other constructions of comparative

 Subj + Verb + the + comparative + of the two + plural noun
Anjan is smart of the two boys.
Of the two shirts, This is the Prettier.
Superlative Constriction
⮚ Subj + Verb+ the + +
Diana is the shortest of the three sisters.
He is the most intelligent student in his class.
The superlative degree can be intensified by much, by far, quite, almost, practically and easily.
He is much the most enthusiastic of them all.

Things to remember
 'Equally as' is not used together.

 'That of' is used for singular partitive whereas 'those of' is used for plural one.
The price of this book is as much as that of that book.
People of Kathmandu are more laborious than those of Pokhara.

 Elder/ Eldest  seniority rather than age in a family (old + than + ……., but not elder + than + ……)
My elder sister lives in London.
He is older than she is.

 Farther/ Farthest: distance while further  additional
Have you anything further to say?
Let us walk a little farther.

 Latter/ Last  Position/ order while Later/ Latest  time
What is the latest news?
You reached there later than your wife.

 Few  Number, Less  Quantity and followed by than, Lesser  double comparative and never followed by than
I have less confidence in him than you.
It is the lesser of the two evils.
Fewer students are noticed today.
Note: Like best/ Like most
Which of the books do you like most/best?

⮚ Some irregular adjectives
Positive Comparative Superlative
Bad, ill, evil, badly Worse Worst
far farther/further furthest/furthest
Fore former foremost/ first
good well/better best
late later/latter latest/last
little less, lesser least
much many, more most
near nearer nearest/next
old older/elder oldest/eldest
out outer/ utter outermost/utmost

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