Inversion means putting the verb before the subject to give an emphasis to the meaning of the sentence.

Rule1: Negative adverbs + aux. + subj. + verb + Obj + …
Hardly had he come out of the car when the bomb exploded.
Note: Negative adverbs include: Hardly ever, never, no sooner…., than, nor often, not only, only, only by, rarely scarcely ….. when, hardly ……. when, neither, seldom nor, nowhere, under no circumstance, etc.

Rule 2: Place adverse + aux. + subj + verb + obj + ……
Place adverb + main verb + subj + obj + ……
Note: Place adverbs include; on a hill, in the valley
Under the table, along the northern frontier, etc
a. Just outside the gate was standing a beggar
b. Up went Mohan.

Rule 3: To such an extent….+ aux.+ subj+ verb+ obj + …
To such an extent has he analyzed the poem that no problem is left.

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