aborticide: killing of a fetus; abortion
acaricide: killer of mites and ticks
algicide: killer of algae
amicicide: murder of a friend
aphicide: killer of aphids
aphidicide: killer of aphids
avicide: killing of birds
bacillicide: killer of bacteria
bactericide: killer of bacteria
biocide: killing living material
bovicide: the slaughter of cattle; one who kills cattle
ceticide: killing of whales and other cetaceans
cimicide: substance used to kill bed-bugs
deicide: destruction or killing of a god
ecocide: destruction of the environment
episcopicide: killing of bishops
famicide: one who destroys another's reputation; slanderer
felicide: killing of a cat
femicide: killing of a woman
feticide: killing of a fetus
filicide: killing of one's own child
floricide: killing or killer of flowers
foeticide: killing a fetus
formicide: substance that kills ants
fratricide: killing of one's brother
fungicide: killing of fungus
genocide: killing of a race or ethnic group
germicide: substance that kills germs
giganticide: killing of a giant
gynaecide: killing of women
herbicide: killing of plants
hereticide: killing of heretics
homicide: killing of a human being
infanticide: killing of an infant
insecticide: killing of insects
larvicide: killing of larvae
liberticide: the destruction of liberty
lupicide: killing of a wolf
mariticide: killing or killer of one's husband
matricide: killing of one's mother
menticide: reduction of mind by psychological pressure
microbicide: killing or killer of microbes
miticide: agent which kills mites
molluscicide: killing of molluscs
muscicide: substance for killing flies
neonaticide: killing or killer of a newborn infant
ovicide: killing insect eggs
ovicide: sheep-killing
parasiticide: killing of parasites
parasuicide: harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide
parenticide: killing or killer of one's parents
parricide: killing of parents or a parent-like close relative
patricide: killing of one's father
perdricide: killer of partridges
pesticide: killing of pests
prolicide: killing of offspring; killing of the human race
pulicide: flea-killer
raticide: substance or person who kills rats
regicide: killing of a monarch
rodenticide: killing of rodents
senicide: killing of old men
serpenticide: killing or killer of a snake
siblicide: killing or killer of a sibling
silvicide: substance that kills trees
sororicide: killing of one's own sister
speciocide: destruction of an entire species
spermicide: killing of sperm
sporicide: killing of spores
suicide: killing of oneself
taeniacide: killing of tapeworms
tauricide: killing or killer of a bull
trypanocide: killing of trypanosomes
tyrannicide: killing or killer of a tyrant
urbicide: destruction of a city
ursicide: killing or killer of a bear
utricide: one who stabs an inflated skin vessel instead of killing someone
uxoricide: killing of one's own wife
vaticide: killing or killer of a prophet
verbicide: destroying the meaning of a word
vermicide: killing of worms
vespacide: substance or person who kills wasps
viricide: killing of viruses; killing of men or of husbands
virucide: killing of viruses
vulpicide: killing of a fox
weedicide: something that kills weeds

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