The causative verbs are used to indicate that one person causes a second person to do something for the first person. The causative verbs have, get, make, cause, allow, permit, force, compel, let etc.

We can divide the causative verbs into two parts:
A. Causative without an agent
sub + have/get (in any tense) + non agent (
living or non-living)+ past participle (V3) + ...
I have my shoes polished.
She gets her clothes washed.
She got him scolded (by the teacher).

B. Causative with an agent
sub + get (in any tense) + agent (living being)+ to + v1 .....
I got the painter to paint my house.
She got him to wash her clothes.
I will get you to do my work.
sub + have (in any tense) + v1 ........
I have him repair my watch.
She had the painter paint her house.
He has had his friend type all his letters.

(a) Cause, allow, permit, force, compel etc. are similar to get with an agent (syntactically).
(b) Let and make are similar to have with an agent (syntactically).
(c) ‘Help’ can be followed both by ‘v1’ and by ‘to + v1’.
My teacher helped me accomplish my task.
My teacher helped me to accomplish my task.

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