biography: an account of a person's life
cryptography: the art of preparing or reading codes or cyphers
lexicography: the practice of compiling dictionaries
orthography: spelling, especially correct spelling
stenography: writing and transcribing shorthand
telegraphy: the science of transmitting information over a distance
cartography: the science of drawing maps
cinematography: the art of making motion pictures
photography: the taking of photographs
pornography: writing and images designed to stimulate sexual excitement
radiography: the production of images by X-rays, gamma rays, etc.
tomography: a technique for producing a cross-section of the human body X-rays or ultrasound
xerography: a dry copying process
choreography: the art of designing steps in ballet or another staged dance, or the written steps for such movements
cosmography: the science of the universe
demography: the study of statistics charting the changing structure of human populations
ethnography: the study of different peoples
geography: the science of the physical features of the earth and their relation to human populations
oceanography: the science of the sea
petrography: the study of rocks
bibliography: books
discography: musical recordings
filmography: films
webliography: a listing of pages on the World Wide Web

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