An embedded question is included in a statement or another question. Here the word order is different from that of a typical question.

⮚ Sub + verb (phrase) +question word + sub + verb.
Question: Where did he go?
Embedded question: I don’t know where he went.

Question: What is your name?
Embedded question: She does not know what your name is.

 Auxiliary + sub + verb + question word + sub + verb?
Question: Where has he gone?
Embedded question: Do you know where he has gone?

Question: what did he say?
Embedded question: Can you tell me what he said?

 Statement/imperative+ yes/no question
Statement /imperative + if/weather +S +v+......
Question: Can he solve this problem ?
Embeded question: I want to know if he can solve this problem.

Question: Has he left the train?
Embeded Question : Do you know if he has left the train ?
(a) In embedded questions the auxiliary verb of the main question should be placed after the subject of the sentence.

(b) There is no change in the order of subject position questions because the question word functions as the subject.
Question: who will paint that picture?
Embedded question: They can’t decide who will paint the picture.

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